Top Ten Chocolate Brownie Recipes

More than Meets the Eye with American Cuisine

The USA isn’t exactly renowned for their contribution to world gastronomy, but there is more to American cuisine than fast food and diners. Such a melting pot of cultures, new world produce, ideas and often excess is bound to produce something half decent to eat.

Which brings us to the brownie. This highly imaginatively named sweet treat was first created approximately 100 years ago. The exact origin isn’t clear but some point to Boston, Massachusetts. However it didn’t really rise to popularity until the last 10 years featuring as a latte’s best ‘evil’ friend.

Only the Best Chocolate Brownie Will Survive

The battle for ‘best brownie’ is pretty subject and usually fought over whether you like your brownie gooey or crumbly. Either way success tends to demand the delight features chocolate and lots of it and doesn’t rise.

A quick search on Google for a recipe reveals of 2 million results. So we have narrowed down the choice with some delicious and also unusual takes on the brownie, making your life easier.

Black forest brownie with black cherries and kirsch

Nigel Slaters ‘best brownie ever’

Jamie Oliver’s ‘bloomin brilliant’ brownie

Beetroot and chilli chocolate brownie

Nigella Lawson’s flourless brownie

White chocolate and passion fruit brownie/whitey

Nigella Lawsons bacon brownies

Double dark chocolate brownies

Raw chocolate brownie with avocado frosting

The baked brownie

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