Top Ten Manuka Honey Brands

Honey, Not Just For Your Toast or Greek Yogurt

Manuka Honey has long been renowned for it’s healing qualities through it’s immense antibacterial properties.  So much so that companies in America are utilizing the health benefits of Manuka honey to create medical dressings which are reported to reduce the time wounds take to heal.  Derma Sciences (part owned by Comvita a large honey producer in New Zealand) has been pioneering this technology and received FDA approval for the production of the product in September 2012.

Only Consider the Original Source of Manuka Honey – New Zealand

Medical science aside, there are now a plethora of brands in the market to choose from who have sourced only the best produce from some of the finest bee hives from around the country.  Now to cut down the confusion, we have not even considered the Australian produced/replicated Manuka Honey products due to it’s lack of authenticity and some would argue quality.  That’s right we are going straight for the original source produce in the eco-friendly country of New Zealand, who have fast become world famous for taking this type of honey to the world.

The Selection Process

To make sure we were selecting the right honey brands we collated and used the below attributes during the selection process.  Whilst we don’t have access to the latest laboratory to test out the medical prowess of each honey we think we have a fairly robust selection process in place to make sure the right honey is being chosen. If you would prefer to judge for yourself then you can order most of the brands online, get them delivered straight to your door and choose which one is going to be the best tor order in bulk.

  • Success or Size of the company
  • User ratings
  • Taste
  • Packaging
  • Origin

So lets get into it:

  2. Watson &
  3. Manuka
  4. Pure Honey New
  5. API
  6. Happy
  7. Mossop’
  8. Cammells
  9. Ora
  10. Waitemata

Not just about the honey

New Zealand is an amazing place not only for it’s vast assortment of tourist attractions packed into two small Islands (technically 3 if you count Stewart Island, famous for it’s tranquility and rugged beauty) but also it’s abundance of natural product which it exports in the millions of tonnes globally each year. So don’t just taste and enjoy the product this country has to offer, plan a trip over here to come sample what it has to offer in person.

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