Top Ten Soup Recipes

There is something reassuringly comforting and unpretentious about soup. It has the same potential to cheer you up as ice cream and comes in as many different flavours and textures if not more.

Pretty much every country and culture in the world has a recipe for soup or broth, from Britain to Bolivia and beyond. A bowl of hot steaming soup on a miserable winters day has the restorative power of a soothing mix tape of whale songs, a warm fire, meditation and a healthy glug of Asterix’s magic potion combined.  Plus you don’t have to be a MasterChef to make soup either.

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Pea and bacon soup – Recipe

French onion soup  – Recipe

Chicken soup – Recipe

Tom yum soup – Recipe

Tomato soup – Recipe

Asian noodle pho soup – Recipe

Pumpkin soup – Recipe

Mushroom soup – Recipe

Potato and leek – Recipe

Minestrone soup – Recipe

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