Top Ten Famous Fat People

Fame Brings More than We can Possibly Fathom

With fame comes certain aspects of life that us mere mortals can only dream about; fast cars, big houses, private yachts, hordes of paparazzi and more money than you can poke a solid gold stick at.

However it Also Brings Big Mac Sized Pressure

But with fame also comes a heavy burden (excuse the pun).  A burden so large it has cut short some very talented lives. Yes we are talking about the fat famous people of the world who made it big in more ways than one.

But who are the most famous out of our rotund lot?

  1. Oprah – We don’t have a crystal ball but we think this will be a safe bet.  The queen of day time TV and one of the richest woman in the world has loads of money to make her feel better so we don’t feel too bad about this positioning.
  2. Sir Winston Churchill – Not only did he fight them on the beaches, in the air but also at the restaurants around London.  The cigar smoking legend supposedly down roast beef and yorkshire pud like it was going out of fashion.
  3. Elvis Presley – Obviously the older version of Elvis but never the less he managed to put away enough donuts to see him tip the scale at around 320 pounds.
  4. John Candy – The stereotypical fat funny man may have lost the battle with obesity but he will always be a comedic legend.
  5. Marlon Brando – Another in our list that started his career as a lite weight, but then Marlon ballooned to a reported 300 pounds or 136 kgs by the 1990’s.
  6. Pavarotti – This opera singing Italian not only loved music but he loved his favourite pasta dish of “Rotolone spinaci e ricotta” in abundance.
  7. B.B. King – This musical icon is defying some of the other heavy set celebrities who passed before their time and is still going strong(ish) at the ripe old age of 85.
  8. Cass Elliot – Another unfortunate loss to the musical community when at 32, Cass passed away from an apparent heart attack in a flat in London.  From our research we can safely say that no ham sandwich was involved in the death as some urban myths allude to.
  9. Chris Farley – Drugs don’t usually mix well with obesity and in the end proved the downfall of this young mix of Belushi and Candy.  But Farley in is short career managed to make a substantial impact on the comedy scene.
  10. Kirstie Alley – We don’t really care what she does next either but it is amusing to see her attempt to make cash out of yo yo diets.
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