Top Ten Most Hated Professions

Appreciated? Not Really. Hated? Yes.

This is the Top Ten list for the most hated professions in the world. It was a tough list to come up with overall and of course contains a few sweeping generalizations.  However for the long suffering crew here at The Quick Ten, number one was the easiest!

Traffic Wardens truly do encompass everything people hate in a profession on a day to day basis.  If they are not putting a ticket on your car for parking 10cm over the yellow line they are trying to get you towed for being 10cm away from the curb.

Traffic Warden: Simply no words can explain the frustration we feel with these parking demons of the streets –  Get Clever and create your own parking zone.

Bouncers: Too much weights, not enough speed work – Get the speed you need.

Lawyer: If they can find a way to charge you for something then they usually will – Make like Tom Cruise in “A Few Good Men”

Recruitment Consultant: They will never have your best interests at heart – Leap frog the recruiters and start your own business.

Estate Agents: “there are absolutely no issues with this house” Hmmm – Get the one up on your real estate agent

Politicians: There biggest job is finding jobs to make themselves look busy – Learn the art of Spin.

Tele-sales: No time is a good time after work so please never call us – Move to a Skype phone.

Bankers: The glorified art of gambling – Put your money in a safe.

Dentists: It’s a combination of the money the charge and the physical pain they inflict – Try out this pro-teeth whitening kit.

PR People: General lack of consideration for the truth in favor of horrendous lies – Update your knowledge of PR.

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