Top Ten Tablet Brands

Humble Beginnings for the Tablet

Tablet’s have come a long way since their humble and conceptual beginnings back in 1888 when a  patent was made for a electrical stylus device for capturing handwriting and then many moons later with the more recognizably commercial release of the Windows Tablet PC in 2002 .

However when looking at which company really brought this form of computing to the forefront of commercial viability then you cannot look past the marketing behemoth that is Apple.   They were the first to really “shift the needle” in terms of innovation in this space and push a gluttony of users towards this way of mobile computing.  

The Selection Process is Becoming Harder

With so many Tablets now entering the market it’s becoming a bit of a minefield in terms of finding the best possible brand to sink your hard earned cash into.  In our humble opinion it’s not really the physical features that the devices come with such as a camera but more about the connectivity with other technology and it’s ability to handle the operating platform in an intuitive manner.  For example, there is obviously a large number of devices that support various iterations of the Android OS but if you compared the Samsung Galaxy tablet to a Dell tablet then they are leagues apart, with Samsung clearly getting a better handle on the technology.

Lets Make it Easy

That’s where we come in, we have compiled a list of the Top Ten tablet brands that are currently in the market and their corresponding best selling and most trusted product.

Apple – We recommend the Apple iPad

Samsung  – We recommend the Samsung Galaxy Tab

Google – We recommend the Google Nexus

Asus  – We recommend the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer

Acer – We recommend the Acer Iconia Tab

Toshiba – We recommend the Toshiba Thrive

 Motorola – We recommend the MOTOROLA XOOM

HP – We recommend the HP TouchPad

HTC – We recommend the HTC Flyer

Dell – We recommend the Dell Streak

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