Top Ten TV Brands

The Birth of the TV

TV’s have been invading our lounge’s since the late 1940’s and if you believe all the MTV Cribs shows, then they have even started invading the bathrooms of the rich and famous.  But with this invasion has come a piece of technology that now forms part of our everyday lives and drives a multitude of industries which generate trillions every year.

Technology has Evolved Quickly

They have come a long way since Milton Berle first appeared on it and are currently evolving at rapid rate which in it’s self is tough enough to keep up with.  But if you buy right and have a bit of vision then you can get yourself a great television that will last you a descent amount of time.

Only the Best TV Brands

So if we are going to let these entertaining tubes of color into our lives, lounges, bathrooms and even cars then we might as well get the best possible televisions in to keep us entertained.  We have based this top ten list on the following factors to come up with the best TV brands in the market: value for money, reliability, innovation, technology and overall quality.

Samsung – They are producing the best all round TV’s in the market and are aligning themselves with Google across a multitude of new projects that will see them continue to innovate and provide quality product’s.  We recommend the Samsung UN55D8000 55-Inch 3D LED HDTV

Sony – The Sony Bravia has been their flag ship television brand since launching in 2005 and has  produce some of the finest TV’s in the market.  With the release of Sony’s internet TV range they are set to continue to be one of the best brands.  We recommend the Sony BRAVIA 46-Inch LED HDTV with Integrated WiFi

Panasonic – They are really their game in terms of producing some of the best TV’s in the market especially when it comes to picture quality.  We recommend the Panasonic VIERA 32-Inch LCD HDTV

LG – They are producing some of the best looking TV’s and have great amount of trusted features to match such as their extensive picture control options in most models.  An absolute safe bet for price and quality, we recommend the LG INFINIA 55-Inch Full LED Slim LCD HDTV

Sharp –  Whilst the sound quality does need improving on some of the product’s, Samsung still offer some of the best televisions for the price you pay.  The low glare screens also help make these products are viable option for any lounge. We recommend the Sharp Quattron 40-Inch LCD TV

Vizio – Since entering the market in 2002 Vizio has fast become a brand that you can rely on to get great value for money. Whilst they don’t have some of the relationships of the bigger boys, they are still producing some great TV’s.  We recommend the VIZIO 37-Inch Full HD LED LCD HDTV

Toshiba – They provide some of the more intuitive features in their TV’s and holds up exceedingly well when it comes to the 3D TV market as they released one of the first 3D TV’s that do not require glasses.  We recommend the Toshiba REGZA 42-Inch LCD HDTV

Phillips – One of the older brands in the market but still producing solid TV’s that have little to no delay when swapping between features. Well worth a look and we recommend the Philips 40-Inch LED LCD HDTV

Mitsubishi – In a show of their technical clout they have produced a crazy 92 inch 3D TV.  Now whilst we would not recommend going out and buying this TV, it does show that they are serious about staying in this market. We recommend the Mitsubishi 65-Inch 3D-Ready DLP HDTV

JVC – They have great sound and provide excellent value for money.  Although generally their remote controls are a little clunky.  Still well worth the price you pay and has all the necessary bells and whistles.  We recommend the JVC 42-Inch LCD TV  

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